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Waxing A Short Hair


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Using wax on a short hair can be very tricky as the wax cannot grip your hair adequately. The most important thing while waxing your hair is selecting the right wax such as hard wax which works best. This type of wax can go on smooth on your also but hardens the hair. Here are few simple steps that can be useful in creating this style at home.
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First purchase a hard wax kit that can be heated in microwave which can take more time and effort. Hard wax can be heated for about 4-10 minutes and make sure to follow the directions carefully. Keep the area that will be waxed on top of a towel and use spatula to break up the wax. Take enough wax to cover about 1/4 to 1/2 of spatula and apply it liberally over the area. Now gently pat top of the wax to make it hard and the wax must feel smooth without any sticky feel. Begin from one end wax and lift up another end of a bandage to pull wax off in a swift motion. In case there are any stray hairs after removing the wax, gently pat the wax on the remaining hairs to lift off easily. Avoid waxing the hair for the third time as it can cause skin irritation. At last pat the waxed area with a cotton ball soaked in a witch hazel to minimize the redness and inflammation.
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