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Hairstyle With Soft Highlights


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Adding soft highlights on the hair can be tricky. In case you lighten the hair too much during the process the highlights can look artificial and sometimes it can also look harsh. There are few proper methods to highlight the hair which must be followed without fail to make the highlights look soft.
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Start the styling after selecting the hair color that matches slightly with your current color. Make sure to select one to two shades of the current hair color. The hair must be washed at least two days before the styling process to make natural oils in the hair to build up to protect your scalp. Avoid using any type of hair products like hairspray or creams. Now mix the highlighting products along with all the ingredients thoroughly. Spread the mixture over the hair after using a highlighting wand. Run the highlighting wand through the strands of your hair to highlight strands all over the head. The most important in getting softer highlights is to highlight strands of hair subtly all over your head. Begin the highlights from the back of your head and move your way toward the front to prevent from smearing highlights in the front. Leave the highlights on the hair for some time and check the hair frequently. Take out few strands of hair to wash it and look at the color. Finally rinse the hair with cool water and use an after-color conditioner all over the hair.
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