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Messy Hair Bun


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A messy hair bun is a great hairstyle for those who have medium to long hair. It is a perfect choice of hairstyle that can be worn for a casual event. There are many celebrities who create a messy hair bun to get a unique look. Use chopsticks to secure the hair and elastics that are very fine after ending your styling process.
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To create a messy hair bun, first brush all of your hair and take it at the back of your head to create a ponytail. Try to twist the ponytail in one direction of the head using your both hands. After the hair is tightly twisted, the hair will coil around itself at the base of your ponytail. Now take the tip of your ponytail to fold the tip over top of the coil or try to tuck it loosely under the base. Secure the messy hair bun with elastics or sticks. While using elastics, take whole elastic to wrap it around the base of your ponytail. In case of using sticks, take one and then thread it midway from edge as well as base of your bun, diagonally down through opposite side. While threading it, keep the stick under some hair from your scalp at the base of your bun and take it out through the middle of the bun. Try to push another stick through your bun opposite to the first stick to complete the styling process.
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