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Toddler Bob


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A bob is a hairstyle that is mostly worn by kids and in the present day most the women also wear it to get a cute look. A toddler bob is a short hairstyle that is mostly worn by toddlers where the hair will be cut short along with a bob.
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To get this style, first separate the top and middle section of your hair from the bottom section using a wide-toothed comb. Comb bottom layer of the hair to smooth it out and get rid of unwanted hairs. Now take a small section of hair about one inch from right side and pull it away from rest of your hair with slight tension. Keep the section of hair in between your index and middle finger to cut it. Continue the cutting process until you come to the right section and pull one section of the hair over left side to compare the lengths. Start cutting the left section of the hair in the same way. Next take the middle section and make it fall on top of your cut hair. Continue to cut the bottom layer of the hair by keeping the bottom layer as a guide for the length. Now take the top 1/2 inch section and brush it to make smooth. Cut top section in the same length as your middle and bottom section. Comb the hair and make sure it looks even all around to end the styling.
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