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Conditioning Tinted Hair


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A tinted hair is very much vulnerable to damage as it features split ends, breakage, dryness and brittleness. It is very important to wash and condition this type of hair to extend the life of the color and prevent untreatable damage. You can treat a tinted hair by conditioning it on regular basis by following these simple and easy steps.
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First you must select a hair care product which is made for a color treated hair. Most of the products can enhance the hair color and extend time between touch ups. Use a deep conditioner at least once a week or apply it very often incase the hair is extremely oily. Leave the hair conditioner on as per the instructions mentioned on the package and longer you leave the conditioner on the better result can be expected. Then wrap the hair with a warm towel or a shower cap to cover the conditioner which can enhance the conditioning treatment as well as allow deeper conditioning of the hair. Leave the hair conditioner as mentioned on the hair care product and then rinse your hair as directed. Trying a homemade deep conditioner can be a perfect choice to condition a tinted hair, first mix half cup of mayonnaise and half ripe avocado. Mash the ingredients together and spread it over your hair. Next cover your head with a shower cap and sit for about 20 minutes. Now you can rinse the hair completely.
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