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Hairstyle With Chunky Layers


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Hairstyle with chunky layers can add flare to your style and it also allows you to create a modern look with a thick or wavy hair. These types of layers are usually selected randomly to cut it and there is no need to follow any particular pattern to create this hairstyle. Try to avoid this hairstyle if you have a fine hair as it is considered to be less suitable for a layered cut. In case you are cutting the hair for the first time, get help from a hairstylist as it can end up looking wispy which can spoil the look.
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To create chunky layers in your hair, first wash the hair as usual and towel dry it. Next brush the hair straight and make part where you normally do it. Then choose a random chunk of hair near your crown and twist it. Start cutting the twisted section as per your desire and make sure to get a blunt, straight-across cut. You can also angle scissors upward or downward to cut chunky angular layers. Use the same method to create the layers all around your head and secure the top layer as well as randomly select chunks underneath. You can use the same technique all over the hair until you get a look you are looking for. After completing the hair cutting process, spread a little amount of hair gel all over to style the hair as per your desire.
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