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Mary J. Blige With Mushroom Cut


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Mary J. Blige is wearing a Mushroom cut hairstyle that has been worn by many from a very long time. This hairstyle usually suits every woman from young to old and it involves hair cutting with shorter bangs to achieve a young look. For those who have fine or thin hair, it can be a perfect choice of hairstyle. The hair cut was much popular in the 1990s and then it started to fade slowly, but it is also worn by many in the present day. Here is a simple method that can be followed to create this style at home without going to a saloon which can be time consuming.
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It is easy to get this style, first make sure that you hair is long enough to create a long, ragged fringe that should fall from crown at the top of your head. The sides of your hair must be layered on top of your ears and the sideboards will be thinned to make this hairstyle look perfect. The length of your hair on top of the head must be about seven centimeters and at the neck, it must be cut thinly as well as it must look feathered. Use a blow dryer over the hair on top of the head along with a round brush to dry the hair and shake it well. The Mushroom cut is one of the most preferred hairstyle among the kids all over the world.
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