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Lady Gaga With Ribbon Bow


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Lady Gaga is wearing a hairstyle with ribbon bow that is a very unique way of styling the hair. This hairstyle can give an attractive look which can get attention very easily. It is a perfect way to style the hair only for special events. In this hairstyle, there will be a huge bow look on top of the head that will look larger and fuller. It can be created with a simple and elegant look depending upon the length of the hair.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash the hair as clean as possible and apply a small amount of hair straightening cream all over your hair when it is slightly damp. Use a blow dryer to dry your hair using a paddle brush and spread a little amount of serum which will help to pull the hair back for making a ponytail. Now separate your ponytail into three different parts including right, left and middle. Begin to loop the right section from front of the head to back and keep it at the middle near your hair tie. Use the same method to loop the left section of the hair. Then loop middle section of the hair up and back. You can add a bow hairpiece on the ponytail and tuck hair ends underneath it to end the styling process. Looping and scrunching the ribbon back is a very important step in this hairstyle which can be done easily with some practice.
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