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Victorian Updo


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Victorian updo is a very simple and beautiful hairstyle that was worn by Britain’s Queen Victoria during her reign. This hairstyle set a standard for a family-focused society along with a prim and proper image. Even though this style is worn in different variations the actual hairstyle is still considered to be unique. If you are wearing this style for the first time, get help from a hairstylist to make it look perfect
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To create a Victorian updo, first part the hair in the center and comb it well to make it smooth. You can also straighten your hair using a straightener and spread a small amount of mousse all over to make it stay in place. Next pull the hair back to create a low ponytail and secure it as a bun. This hairstyle was worn as high buns on the head by older women and younger women used to wear it on the nape. Bangs can be created to make it more attractive or it can be secured back tightly. This hairstyle can be worn with a formal look by wearing a ball gown, braiding the hair and pinning it at the sides of your head. It can also be complemented with side ringlets, ribbons, flowers and a decorative comb. While creating this hairstyle, avoid stressing the tresses in case they are too short. This style is usually confined and it is never worn loose even when the hair is too long.
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