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Perming Bleached Hair


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Perming a bleached hair is usually considered to be impossible but it can be done a day after the bleaching process. Most of the hairstylist will not bleach or dye your hair in the same day as they have to conduct a strand test before your perming hair, but you must wait a minimum of two weeks between bleaching and perming for best results. Once the hair is bleached, use a moisturizing hair care product to prevent damage that can spoil your look..
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Start the styling process after preparing the hair to be permed once it is bleached. It can be done by keeping few strands of hair in water to check whether it sinks to the bottom of the bowl which means that the hair is damaged. If the strands float it is healthy and can be permed. Try to perm your hair only after waiting about two weeks after bleaching. Make sure to follow the instructions mentioned on the perm kit. Then leave the hair for a day and use a shampoo to wash it before applying a conditioner suitable for permed hair. Rinse your hair and then squeeze out without rubbing the hair as it can cause breakage. At last apply a leave-in conditioner over the damp hair and brush it with a wide-tooth comb. Avoid blow drying the color-treated, permed hair and make sure to spread a anti-frizz serum all over the hair to keep the curls smooth.
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