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Piecey Haircut


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Piecey haircut is a unique way of cutting the hair. This style cannot be achieved only if your hair is blunt-cut straight across. This hairstyle can give a more edgy look instead of getting straight line. The easy way to create the desired texture for a piecey look is to keep the scissors in a certain way while cutting the ends of your hair. Here is a simple method that can be helpful in creating this hairstyle at home without gong to a saloon.
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To get this hairstyle, first comb your hair completely to get rid of any tangles. Then use a flat iron to straighten your hair as it can be much easier to work on a straight hair that a curly hair. Keep the hair between the first two fingers in your hand and pull the hair straight by leaving about one inch exposed below the fingers. Now snip the ends of your hair holding the scissors vertically instead of horizontally to create an edgy and texturized look at the end. Try to cut the entire bottom edge of your hair by using the same technique and you can mix the cutting style into an existing layer which you have created for a chunkier look. At last spread a little amount of hair wax on your fingertips to mold the ends of your hair with fingers. Before creating this hairstyle on your own, make sure you are good in using the scissors.
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