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Updo With Bumpits


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Bumpit headbands can be the perfect choice if you are planning to pump up your look without damaging the hair. Creating an updo with a Bumpit can add volume and new style to your look. Bumpit inserts can be easily added with any type of hair to increase the volume within minutes. After keeping the Bumpit in the proper place on you head, you can create any type of updo.
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To create an updo with Bumpits, first divide the hair from ear to ear across your crown with a comb. Secure the front section of hair together after positioning the Bumpit across your crown. Secure the Bumpit into the crown of your scalp, over the part that was created in your hair. Take the front section of hair and keep it down over the Bumpit and teeth on the insert will help to keep the hair in place. Mist all over the hair with a little amount of hairspray and then collect a small section of hair from both the sides of your head. Next pull this section to the back of your head to create a half-updo and secure it in place using bobby pins. Now pull the loose and lower portion of your hair to create a low ponytail and twirl hair from the ends till the ponytail holder. Wrap the hair around the base of your ponytail to cover the bobby pins and secure it in place again using bobby pins to make a chignon.
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