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Hairstyle With Platinum Chunks


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Coloring the hair at a salon may consume more time and it can be costly as well. Creating platinum chunks in the hair can give a very interesting look for anyone. It is easy to achieve a platinum look by using a lightener along with a highlighting cap that can make it easy to highlight the hair on your own. Just follow this simple process to get this style at home.
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To create this hairstyle, use a protective cape around your shoulder to prevent color from falling on your cloths. Then mix the lightener along with a developer in a mixing bowl and use hair hook to poke to the cap where you want a highlight. Next pull a large amount of hair through the cap and apply the hair lightener over the strand to make it completely saturated. Continue pulling the sections of hair through the cap to highlight them. Leave the lightener on the hair as per the instruction mentioned by the manufacturer. Wait till your hair reaches the right shade and remove the hair lightener with a shampoo. Condition your hair as it usual as it can make the hair soft and prevent tangle. Now apply a toner over the hair and wash the hair with a shampoo. Then condition your hair again to end the styling process. The highlights on the hair must now be in a platinum-blonde color as the toner will help to remove the brassy tones from the hair.
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