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Swoosh Bangs


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Swoosh bangs are also known as swish bangs which are side swept bangs that have the capacity to give a glamorous look. It is important to follow important steps to cut the bangs in this manner. Make sure you are good in cutting the hair because those who are doing it for the first time may spoil the look.
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To create swoosh bangs, first divide a portion of hair and take it forward in front of your face. Comb the hair to create a triangular segment starting from top of the head to sides of your face. Check the length of your which will be perfect for creating the swoosh bangs. Make sure to keep the bangs longer than the regular bangs to adjust the final shaping and sweep to the side. Leave more hair to cover and extend till your nose. Start cutting the hair from the end of your nose by keeping the scissors in an upright position. Maintain equal length just below your nose and gradually increase your length as you come closer to the ears. Create a side part with your hair and try to trim bangs again. At last use a hairstyling product to create the side-swept effect. Try to train the hair to maintain its shape and use a flat styling iron over the hair. You can also spread a little amount of serum to make the hair smooth or mist all over with a hairspray.
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