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Hairstyle With Fake Ponytail


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A fake ponytail is a perfect hairstyle that can be created with any type of hair starting from short to long. It is usually considered to be an alternative style to a short or thin hair. A fake ponytail can be secured with the original hair in such a way that is will give a fuller and voluminous appearance. You can just remove the secured hair with your hand and go back for the regular hairstyle.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash & condition the hair as usual. Next brush your hair until it becomes completely smooth and to get rid of tangles. Divide the hair in two different sections horizontally and create high ponytail with this section using a hair brush. Make sure that top section of the hair must be slightly thicker than your bottom section. Secure the ponytail with a elastic and use bobby pins to hold any loose hair strands. Brush bottom section of the hair and create another ponytail which must be kept below first ponytail and keep it in place with another elastic. Now clip-in the fake ponytail over top of your first ponytail to comb the hair at the sides upward. Then mist all over the hair with a hairspray or spread a hair gel. Comb the fake ponytail to make it smooth and tease it a little for more volume. At last remove the ponytail that was secured with the bobby pins and brush it with a comb.
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