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Methods To Remove Brazilian Blowout


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Brazilian blowout hairstyle is a method of styling the hair which is used to change the frizzy curls into straight tresses. This process temporarily straightens the hair out by sealing it with preservative solution and a liquid keratin. Using a flat iron on the hair can pull the tresses straight. Just like most of the conditioners, the keratin seals your hair cuticles than breaking them and trapping moisture to it give a glossy finish. Here is a simple method that can be followed while removing the Brazilian blowout hairstyle.
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To remove the Brazilian blowout hairstyle, first wash your hair immediately which can help to slow down the action on your hair cuticles. If you want to keep the Brazilian blowout as it, make sure to leave the hair without washing for four days. Use a shampoo to wash the hair which contains sodium chloride. Try to mix a teaspoon of table salt along with a tablespoon of shampoo to use it while washing the hair to speed up the removal of treatment. Wash and shampoo your hair in the same way at least two times a day. You can follow this process until the Brazilian blowout has been completely removed from the hair which may take a while. The Brazilian blowout treatment is usually carried out for at least four months, but the removal process can be too shorter. It is important use a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type.
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