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Faux-Hawk Ponytail


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A faux-hawk ponytail is a very unique way of styling the hair that can give a punk-rock look. A standard Mohawk usually involves shaving sides of the head and using hair gel to stripe the hair down the middle into spikes, but this hairstyle does not need  as much commitment as the other. You can create a soft look by smoothing down the hair on the sides and backcombing sections at the top.
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To create a faux-hawk ponytail, first spread a little amount of volumizing product on the hair when it is still damp starting from root to end and then blow-dry the hair back. Use the tail of fine-tooth comb to brush a section with rectangular shape on top of the head. Now brush the rest of the hair using a flat bristle brush back to create a tight high ponytail. To get more hold as well as shine, spread a medium-hold hairspray and for a natural finish, use a smoothing serum. Secure the hair using an elastic below the crown. Try to leave the top, sectioned hair as it is, but make sure it has more volume. Use a fine-tooth comb to take the sections across the top and backcomb roots about 2-3 inches from your scalp. Mist the top of your hair with a hairspray brush the hair back. Make sure the backcombed hair is smooth and try to push the entire section forward to get the desired shape.
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