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Chignon Bob


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A Chignon bob is a perfect hairstyle for those who like to keep their hair short. This hairstyle is considered to be one of the most fashion symbols of the decade. It is a perfect hairstyle for any special events and there are many celebrities who like to style their hair this way. This style is a just like a reverse of a regular chignon bun. It mostly will look like a Chignon with a bun that was very much popular during the 1920s. Chignons are also known to give the hair a bobbed shape without cutting all your locks. Here is a simple process that can be used to create a Chignon bob.
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To get this hairstyle, first divide top section of the hair at your crown. Take the remaining underneath section to create a ponytail about an inch above the nape of your neck. Twist this hair and tuck it underneath to secure it using hairpins. Next smooth top section of the hair towards back over the chignon and tuck ends underneath the securing pins. Now the hair will be in the length of a bob and smooth it fully instead in a bun. You can also use any hair accessory with this hairstyle to make it look completely unique and beautiful. It was also perfect hairstyle that can be worn under a cloche hat and keeping the back of the hair smooth as well as flat down to the nape of your neck.
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