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Methods To Color Hairline


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Coloring hairline is an easiest way of a coloring process that can be done within an hour without going to a saloon. There are root coloring kits available in most of the grocery stores or retailers that can be used to color the hairline. You can cover the roots of the hair that is left by an older dye and also cover a gray hair by coloring the hairline. Just follow this simple method to color your hairline without any help.
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Begin your styling process by brushing your hair with a comb to get rid of knots and make sure it done mainly at the hairline to make the styling process easier. Use a plastic pin to secure the hair back from your face and make sure to test the hold of the pin before continuing with the next step. Remove a petroleum jelly and smear it just below the hairline which will protect the color from staining your skin. Now take the coloring kit and mix it as per the instructions mentioned on it. Start applying the color to the areas of your hairline and leave it to set as per the time mentioned over the coloring kit. Now rinse your hair color from the hair carefully and make sure the rinsing is done until the water becomes clean. In case you are using a darker hair color give extra care during the coloring process as they easily stain your skin and clothing.
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