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Scalp Braid Hairstyle


A woman with a classic braid style. scalp braid2
Creating hairstyle with braids can give a simple look, but it can be made unique by following some of the different variations for braiding your hair. One of the variations is known as a scalp braid that can easily give a unique, but it is considered to be a complicated hairstyle to create at home.
scalp braid3 scalp braid4

A woman with a glamorous braid style. scalp braid6
To get the scalp braid, first you hair must be long enough to create the braid. Next brush the hair completely to remove tangles. Separate the hair from top of your head into three different parts like the first strand on the top middle of your head, second strand over left of the top of your head and third strand over the right of your top of the head. Start making a standard braid by putting right strand over the center strand and left strand over the center. Try to add more hair from right side below previous right side part of your hair. Then pull it over center piece and collect hair from left below previous left strand over your center strand. Try to keep the braid snugly and continue to collect the hair strands from the right and crossing over center strand by taking a strand from your left crossing over the center. Continue this braiding method until you get to the bottom of your hair. Now your scalp braid can be placed down at the center of your head and secure it with a small rubber band at the end.
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