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Boy Shag Haircut


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A boy shag haircut is mostly worn by men at their young age. But there are few women who like to style their hair in this manner to look unique. This hairstyle has been popular from the 1970s and it also easy to maintain. You can follow this method to create this hairstyle at home.
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To create get boy shag haircut, first divide your hair and leave sections down for bangs if you like. Start cutting the bangs and hair at the nape of your neck as per your desire. Make the shape of your hairline to follow with trimming the perimeter. Then cut top section of your hair to make a guide for the top length which can be blended with bangs if you want. Brush thin pieces of hair up and cut toward center guide moving from front to back. Now take the remaining section and cut it as per to guide you originally cut. Blend the lengths of the hair along the perimeter with more attention paid to the bangs as well as nape of your neck. Try to cut the hair at a different angle and cross check hairs after finishing the cutting process. Check in three-inch sections and brush the hair out. Try to look for any pieces of hair that may have been missed in the first cut from front to back and top to bottom. Texturize your hair using thinning shears that can help to create a softer look.
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