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Cameron Diaz’s Wings Hairstyle


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Cameron Diaz has got a beautiful wings hairstyle which is the most popular way of styling among children. This style also gives a simple look that is very easy to maintain and it that needs no additional protection. It was first worn in the 1960s and 1970s by most of the women. This style is mainly worn by many teenagers in the present day and it is mainly popular among the skateboarders. It has got its unique name as the hairstyle looks like an airplane wing on the edge. This hairstyle can give a wavy or straight look and it can be created with any type of hair starting from short to long.
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The wings style usually keeps your hair to flip halfway down to the ears and not above the ears like other similar hairstyles. You can also create a straight out hair like an airplane wing or keep it simple. The easiest way to achieve this hairstyle is by creating a normal layered hair. Always end the styling process after misting the hair with a little amount of hairspray to control the flyaways. Try to curl your hair at the ends to create a unique look and anyone can get this hairstyle to look much younger than they actually are. Try to match this style by wearing a hat over your head or take all of your hair which is sticking out upwards near the hat to make the style look good.
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