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Hairstyle With Curly Perm


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A curly perm hairstyle can give lush of curls all over your head for striking and enviable look. This hairstyle is versatility and easy to maintain which makes it one of the most desirable style among many women. It also easy to get a full-body look with this style, but there are few important steps to be followed before achieving this look.
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Firs get a curly hair perm kit which is available in stores and make sure to purchase the kit that is suitable for your hair type. The kit must include a pre-curl softening cream and a hair cap. Next part the hair into sections using a dry comb. Take a small tube of curl activator and add the solution into larger squirt bottle container with curl gel. Wear gloves in your hands during the styling process and cover the cap of squirt bottle with the forefinger. Shake the bottle until the perm solution is mixed completely. Spread the pre-curl softening cream all over the hair and leave it to set for about ten minutes before using the perm solution. Now spread the solution from the bottle in your palm and spread into the hair using your fingertips. Massage the solution gently all over the sections of your hair. Comb the hair outwards and leave the solution to set in the hair. Now wash the hair with warm water and apply the curly hair deep conditioner before blow drying your hair.
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