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Diane Kruger With Hair Rolls


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Diane Kruger has got a beautiful hairstyle with rolls which are a perfect to achieve a retro look. There are many celebrities who have been seen with this type of hairstyle as it can give an amazing look. This is a very creative hairstyle where you hair will be sleeked close to your head. Then it will be rope twisted back on one side of the head along with full asymmetrical roll at the opposite temple area with an off center and spiral-rolled chignon near the nape of the neck. It is a perfect hairstyle for special events such as a prom.
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It is very easy to create this hairstyle, first make a low part on one side of the head from the temple to the nape and smooth it back on one side of the head. Try to rope twist the side hair from hair line and to nape of your neck. Use a blow dryer to dry your hair straight using a paddle brush at the opposite side of your head to create a smooth and shiny look. Spritz all over your hair with a hairspray over each section to take the ends together to avoid fluffiness. Now use one inch curling iron to create a roller set and try to roll your curls upward to get more volume in your hair. Leave the hair sometime and comb brush hair out. At last spritz all over your hair with a shining hairspray.
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