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Highlighting Hair With A Cap


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Highlights in the hair can give a dimension and shine to the hairstyle. This process can be done with different methods and one of the methods is using a cap. A highlighting cap will have holes all over which will allow to pull the strands of hair through it to make highlights.
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Start the styling process after brushing the hair back to make it tangle free. Then keep highlighting cap on your head and secure it with the chin strap. Insert a hook through the hole in your cap and pull small strand of hair through the cap. Continue to pull the hair through the cap hole starting from the forehead and go towards the back of your head. Brush the hair sticking out of your cap to get rid of any tangles. Mix highlighting solution as per the manufacturer’s directions and make sure to wear protective gloves during this process. Apply highlighting solution on your hair with the applicator and work the solution into the hair using your hands. Pull the treated hair on top of your head and secure it with a hair clip. Keep the outer cap on your head and leave your hair covered for about 20 minutes. Now wipe the solution from a small strand of hair and check every five minutes whether the hair has got the color you want. At last take the cap out and rinse the solution from your hair to style it as per your desire.
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