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Quick Twist Out Hairstyle


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Quick twist out hairstyle is a unique way of styling the hair that can be created on any type of hair starting from medium to long. The fullness and curl provided by this hairstyle will be liked by most of the women who wears it. This hairstyle can be achieved within minutes with some good practice and those who are doing it for the first time may find it difficult to create this style.
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To create a quick twist out hairstyle, first deep condition your hair by keeping the sections and comb in the shower. Then plat each of the section to get rid of any tangles. Use a towel to dry your hair and spread a little amount of shine serum. Now take one of the sections down and divide it into two sections. Use a holding alcohol free product as it can provide definition to the hair. Spread the hair product in the hair starting from root to tip. Take a section of hair which has got full of hair product and try to twist it at the base of your scalp. Now twist the twist again around itself to create a Bantu knot. Continue this process with the other sections of the hair. Leave the hair to dry fully and use a hooded dryer over your hair to dry it fast. Re twist the hair every other night before going to bed and sleep with a satin scarf on.
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