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Hairstyle With Subtle Poof


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There are many hairstyles that are popular, but creating a subtle poof in the hair at the back of your head can give an amazing look. Even though there are many poof hairstyles, this one can give a beautiful look. Most of the celebrities wear this style for special events and it can be worn for occasions such as a wedding.
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To create a subtle poof, first wash the hair and dry it with a towel. Add a small amount of firm-hold gel in the hair when it is slightly damp. Blow dry it from underneath to create a lift in your hair. Use hot rollers in your hair from the end to the roots to add body to the hair. Now take a 3 inch wide section of hair on top of the head and keep it straight up. Mist the back of the section with a hairspray and tease it just above the roots. Keep the teeth of a comb into the section at a perpendicular angle and brush it toward the roots about2-3 times. Move your comb up a couple of inches and continue the teasing process until you reach about three inches at the end of your hair. Next take another section of hair behind the first and use the same method. Then take a third section behind the second to continue the same process again. Brush the three sections to make it smooth and comb them until the poof gets its desired height.
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