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Silvery Gray Hairstyle


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Creating a silvery gray hair can give a fashionable look, but you may achieve this naturally as you age. In case you are looking to get this style when you are young, it can be done at home by following these simple steps.
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First wash the hair with a conditioner for about 2-3 weeks to reduce the damage from bleach process and avoid bleaching the hair if it is thin. Take out any existing coloring on your hair which is usually done by a professional hairstylist. Purchase a bleach product and read the instructions written on it several times before using on your hair. The volume of the bleach must be 30-40 for those who have dark hair. Take a towel and wrap it around your neck to prevent stains falling on your dress. Wear hand gloves to avoid the bleach from damaging your skin. Mix the developer along with powdered bleach in a plastic bowl and apply it on each section of the hair starting from the back of your head. Use the bleach over the roots, but avoid using it on the scalp. Next rinse your hair and wash it with a shampoo. Repeat this bleaching process at least one 1-3 three times during a period of one month. Now you can apply a silver hair toner on the hair to add a silvery gray effect. Most of the silver toner will be blue-based and it also produces a pale shade of blue which looks silvery.
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