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Methods To Control Flyaway Hair


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Flyaway hair is one of the bad experiences faced by most of the women with their hair. You hair will stand up straight due to long or short hair due to various effects. Drying the hair that lacks moisture usually prone to flyaways and brushing through the hair can only worsen this condition. Here are simple methods that can be useful in controlling the flyaway hair.
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First use a moisturizing shampoo to wash your hair and conditioner it in a proper way. Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment about once a week to control the flyaways. You can also use an ionic ceramic hairdryer for drying the hair and make sure to set the hair dryer to cool setting. Always style the hair using a brush or comb hat has been made from natural fibers as it does not cause static electricity. Use a styling tool with wood, metal or rubber and avoid using plastic combs as it can worsen flyaways. Keep a dryer sheet on top of the head and run it down the flyaway strands. The dryer sheets can help to flatten and control the static hair. You can also spritz a comb with a hairspray and run it over the flyaway hair. The last option is applying a body lotion in your hands and spreading it over the hair. The moisture from the body lotion will weigh down the static hair. You can also use water instead of the lotion.
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