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Perming Rebonded Hair


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Rebonding hair can give a silky and smooth look with a straight hair. It is a perfect to create curls on any type of hair. There are many women who like to perm their hair after it is rebonded to get a unique look. There is no need to get help from a hairstylist to per your hair as it can be done at home. Before starting the reboding process keep your healthy by following a healthy diet to avoid any breakage.
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First condition the hair at least a week before starting the perming process using an olive oil. Then brush the hair to remove the tangles without pulling your hair. Purchase a home perm kit and follow the directions mentioned the box to mix the solution. Divide the hair and roll it loosely in the foam rollers. Use the package directions to continue the actual perming process. Next the foam rollers and rinse the hair with cool water. Apply a generous amount of deep conditioner all over your hair and work it through as gently. Leave it on your hair for about five minutes and rinse it again with cool water. Now take out the excess water gently from the hair and avoid pulling or twisting your hair. Brush the hair to remove the tangles and spread a generous amount of leave-in conditioner. Keep the hair without washing for about three days and also avoid using elastic, hairclip or any other hair accessories.
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