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Caring For Sun Damaged Hair


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A sun damaged hair can be very difficult to manage and it usually occurs when the hair follicle is left unprotected. Taking care of a sun damaged hair can be a difficult process which is done by selecting the right styling product. Just follow these simple steps to take care of sun damaged hair.
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First avoid using the hair products that have peroxide because the sun can activate it causing damage to your hair deeply. The dried hair can split which can cause hair to stop growing. Use a hair-repairing shampoo to wash your hair and apply a protein conditioner which will start to restructure and nurture the hair. The shampoo must be used just once a week. Next wash your hair to remove the conditioner and apply a leave-in conditioner. Rub the conditioner into the hair using your hands or use a wide-tooth hair comb to distribute it evenly and make sure coat well on the ends. Use a mint oil conditioner at least once a week after washing the hair with a shampoo. This conditioner will cool and gently repair your hair scalp as well as follicle. The final solution is using a leave-in conditioner that has UV protection before going out in the sun. The reversing of the damaged hair will not complete without constant vigilance to save the hair. You can also use sun screen on your scalp to protect the roots, but you must wash the hair with a shampoo immediately after exposure.
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