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Methods To Remove Widow’s Peak


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A widow’s peak is usually found in the area at the center of your forehead. Those who have widow’s peaks will have very distinctive V-shaped hairlines. Most of the women who have a widow’s peak will feel self-conscious about their hairline and there are different ways in which it can be covered such as creating a hairstyle that covers the widow’s peaks or wearing hair accessories. The Here is a simple method that can be helpful in covering the widow’s peak for a long time. Even though this process can be time consuming, it can prevent the hair from growing back in the area.
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First wash your hair and try to pull it at the back of your head from the forehead. Pull your hair that is involved in the widow’s peak forward to divide it from the rest of your hair. Start trimming the hair of your widow’s peak using a sharp pair of scissors. In case you have a short hair, avoid this step and move to the next. Spread a little amount of shaving cream or hair gel over the area where there is a widow’s peak. Try to shave the area using a razor very carefully and make sure that you are shaving only the hair of the widow’s peak without touching the rest of your hairline. A shaved hair will look stubbly when it is growing back, so try to pluck it with tweezers instead of using a razor.
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