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Synthetic Micro Braids


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Creating synthetic micro braids can be the best idea for those who have a short hair. This type of hairstyle is usually worn by African American women. This style can last for few months and it can be a convenient option for those who want to grow their hair out. There are a number of hairstyles that can be created with synthetic micro braids.
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To create synthetic micro braids, make a standard micro braid and create a slip knot with the synthetic hair at the end of your braid. Take small amount of synthetic hair with three to four strands to wrap it around your micro braid creating a loop. Next take the end of synthetic hair strand and slide it through the loop. Try to pull the end of the synthetic hair strand slightly to create a small knot. Make an additional knot to keep the first knot in place by parting a small section of synthetic hair made of two to three synthetic strands. Create a knot by tying both pieces of synthetic hair and take one of the strand from synthetic hair to wrap it around other piece of the synthetic hair forming a loop. Now slide a piece of synthetic hair through the loop and pull both the pieces away from each other for making a knot. You can also use nail glue onto your index finger to spread it over the end of your micro braid for extra protection.
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