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Hairstyle With Elevated Bob


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The standard bob hairstyle is mostly worn by those who like to keep their hair short. It is a classic hairstyle that has been popular among most of the women since 1920s. In the present day, this hairstyle is created in different types and one of them is called as an elevated bob.
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First dampen your hair to divide the front and back of your hair. Keep a clean line down the part and secure the sides of the hair. Brush the front of your hair to keep it down and straight. Cut the bangs as per your desire which must be long enough to reach between above and below eye level. Divide your hair at the bottom of the back and keep rest them pulled away. Take your hair at the bottom and separate it into half between left & right. Keep your hair between the fingers and angle cut depending on the length of the front section. Cut the hair with chin-length much higher than back hairline using a slight incline to the front for chin-length elevated bobs and for longer elevated bobs start from lower on your neck, between back hairline & the nape. Use the same method to cut the hair on the other side of your head. Take another section from your back to make it hang over the previous layer. Try to cut your hair to the end of the previous cut and do the same at the back of the head.
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