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Bleach Hair Without Any Powder


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Hair can be lightened using a bleach powder and high-volume developer. But most of the women feel that the bleach powder is harsh on the hair. There are many who think that a soap cap can lighten their hair gradually without any damage. Here are few simple steps that can be helpful in bleaching the hair without any powder. Before going through this process take a strand and allergy test. Try to wash the hair with soap and water.
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First take an equal amount of mild shampoo and volume developer in a shampoo bottle. Shake it well to mix and add few drops of lemon juice before shaking it again. Dampen your hair with tepid water and spread the mix all over your hair and work it using your fingertips. Use a shower cap on your hair and leave it for about 30 minutes which usually depends on how much of color lift you want. Look the hair in the mirror after leaving it for 15 minutes for the desired lightness and then every 5 minutes after that. Rinse your hair as usual after the desired time and use a good amount of deep conditioner all over the hair. Leave the conditioner on for about 10 minutes and first rinse it with warm water, then with cool water. Use a towel to dry your hair and follow the same method on your hair again if you have not got the desired lightness.
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