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Layered Braid


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A layered traditional braid will have the hair sectioned in 3 basic parts and then intertwined towards the length of your neck. A layered braid can be a perfect hairstyle for a special occasion such as a wedding. This type of hairstyle is usually worn by women who have long hair as it can give a very beautiful look.
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To create layered braid, wash your and section it. Then divide the hair into three equal parts such as one on both side of the and one down the middle. Take a small part of the hair from each section and start braiding it as usual to get a pattern set. Now take a bit more hair to twist the center section under the side and use the middle as well as ring fingers to collect another layer of the hair to twist it back again. Repeat this method on your entire head and try to add every strand of hair which will create a base for short hair layers. After reaching the nape of your neck take all of the hair in your hands and now there will be three basic sections of the braid. Continue the twining process by taking one section over the other till you reach end of the hair. Secure the hair with an elastic band. Use bobby pins to keep the hair in place and mist all over the hair with a hairspray to control the flyaways.
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