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Methods To Control Frizz Hair


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A frizzy hair can occur on any type of hair such as straight, wavy or curly. This usually happens when hair cuticles are frayed and the strands appear dry. Most of the time this issue can be solved only by a hairstylist which can cost your money as well as time. But here is a simple way that can be followed to control the frizz at home. Always avoid using hair styling products that have alcohol as it can cause frizz hair.
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First wash the hair using a moisturizing shampoo and then condition it properly. The hair is prone to frizz when it fails to have moisture. Now take equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water to mix it together. Use this mix on your hair as a final rinse. The apple cider vinegar contains a low pH which lays down the hair cuticle making your hair shiny and frizz-free. Leave the mix on the hair for a minute before rinsing it with cold water. Try to avoid rubbing the hair dry once you wash it as this can make the frizz again and pat it dry using a clean towel. Brushing the wet hair gently using a wide-tooth comb can help to aggravate the hair cuticle that may cause it to frizz. At last use a detangling hairspray all over the hair to smoothen any frizz after your hair becomes completely dry. You can also run wet fingers over the frizzy hair.
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