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Sisterlock Haircuts


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Sisterlock hairstyle is considered to be a uniformed version of dreadlocks. This hairstyle is also known to look beautiful when it is worn in medium in length and it is a low maintenance style which suitable for a naturally textured hair. It has become one of the most worn hairstyle among women in the present day as it can give a different look. There are different ways and methods of wearing as well as creating sisterlocks. Here is a technique that can be used to cut the sisterlocks to get a very unique look.
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Before starting the styling process, make sure how much length you want to cut the hair. Most of them will start with small which is easier to cut more hair than trying to reattach it after the cut. Next separate the hair into sections and use big clips to keep the sisterlocks away from the cutting process.  Try to start the haircut at the bottom of your head and move your way up across the head. You can make your first cut by carefully holding one lock at a time. Cut off to the length you have decided to go with. Move your way up slowly across your head and after completing each section of the hair take the next section from the clip. You can secure the just-cut locks to keep them away from rest of the cutting process. Mist the sisterlocks with a little amount of essential oil.
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