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Colored Mohawk Hairstyle


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A Mohawk hairstyle is a classic punk hairstyle that has been characterized usually by shaved sides and large spiked fin over the head. The fin will run from hairline to upper back of your head or from hairline to nape of your neck. It is a unique hairstyle that can be worn by everyone, but it can be made more unique by coloring the Mohawk. Here is a simple method to color your Mohawk hairstyle.
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To add color to your Mohawk, first wear rubber gloves on your hands and mix bleach powder along with a developer. Try to stir it using a hair color brush in a bowl until the powder is mixed into liquid. Spread the bleach on your hair and check every five minutes to get the natural hair color is lifting. Use a shampoo to remove the bleach from your hair and keep the hair wet. Use a second application of bleach on your hair if it is not lifted to the desired level. Avoid using a hair conditioner on your hair. Next rinse the bleach out of plastic mixing bowl and pour the color into the bowl to stir it for about 30 seconds. Use the color on your Mohawk with a color brush and avoid using it on your scalp. Leave the color on your hair as long as it is required. It is important to leave the color on your hair for a longer time to make it look deeper.
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