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Methods To Prevent Stiff Hair


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Having a stiff hair can be more disturbing when compared to soft and light hair which is easily manageable. There are different factors that can make the hair look stiff and unhealthy which can be taken care by following few important methods. The most important thing in making the hair look softer is with proper care and using less hair-styling products. Try to use more lightweight shampoo and conditioner to avoid the excessive build up on the hair.
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To prevent stiff hair, first wash the hair using warm white vinegar to remove the hair care products on your hair and scalp. Try to give your hair a vinegar rinse very often and mainly when the hair care products are used on your hair. Take a glass with 1/4 cup of good quality extra virgin olive oil and fill it in a sink along with hot water. Leave glass in the water and allow the oil to heat. Then dampen and shampoo the hair during this process and add the warm oil on your hair to massage it. Leave it to on your hair for about 15 minutes and then rinse it from your hair. Follow this process at least once every two months to make the hair moisturized and healthy. Try to comb the hair gently starting at the end and extending to the roots. Give short strokes with the brush to prevent breakage and damage to the hair due to tangles.
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