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V-Shaped Haircut


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A v-shaped haircut is a perfect hairstyle for those who want to get a layered look. It is a hairstyle that can add up volume and dimension to your hair. The most important thing in getting this hairstyle is to make the back of hair end in a point where the hair over the sides will gradually descend into the point.
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To get a v-shaped haircut, first comb the hair using a brush to detangle the strands. Then bend yourself forward to make the hair dangle down and brush it from underside the nape of your neck to the ends. Keep the face looking down and collect the in your hands by pulling the hair forward as well as down. The front of the hair will be close to you in a bunch and back of the hair will be farther away from you. Try to slide the hand down the bunch of your hair at the end till you reach the place where you want to cut the hair. Hold your hand securely around bunch of hair and use shears straight across to get a blunt cut and angle the shears from top front of your hair down facing the hair to achieve the V-shape with shorter layers in front as well as longer at the back. Cut the bunch of your hair in the v-shape closest to you and move outward toward the back. Finally leave the hair to fall flat at the back your head.
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