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Bella Heathcote With Beehive Hair


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Bella Heathcote is wearing a unique beehive hairstyle that was first very popular in the 1960s in United States. This hairstyle is originated with a elaborately teased and lacquered version of big hair which was developed from a pageboy and bouffant hairstyles. It has been named in such as way as it strongly looks like a beehive and it also has different names in various parts of the world. There were many celebrities who used to wear this hairstyle when it was first introduced, but even in the present most of them wear it on regular basis as it can give a very unique look for anyone who wears it.
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It is very simple and easy to create this hairstyle, first try to spread a generous amount of hair gel all over your hair. Make sure that your hair is naturally thick and wavy which can help to make it smooth and also add texture. Then separate your hair at the back of your head from front with diagonal part from ear to ear around your head. Use a hair clip to secure the front hair away from your face. Now backcomb the hair at the back of your head and then mold it as an elongated French Twist to achieve the height on your crown. At last use a finishing hairspray to mist all over your hair and then backcomb the hair by leaving just the front hairline to get into the look.
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