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Tina Fey With Bagel Bun


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Tina Fey has got a beautiful bagel bun hairstyle that is a very common way to styling the hair. It used to be one of the most worn hairstyle among the celebrities which used to wear very often on the red carpet. This hair is very easy to create by just backcombing your hair or adding foam hair ring on your head. The hairline in this hairstyle will have an off-center slightly messy part that will be directed across your head. Here is a simple process that can helpful in achieving this style.
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To create this hairstyle, start the styling process after washing your hair with lukewarm water. Use a long tailed hair brush to make a side part and then blow dry your hair. Once your hair gets fully dry separate it into 6-8 sections and try to roll them individually with hot rollers. After the rollers become cool take the sections out one at a time. Leave front side-swept fringe as it is and pull rest of your hair bat the back to make a high ponytail. Now smooth your ponytail and tuck ends under the bobby pins. Try to tease the front fringe section and smoothen your hair strands at the back low across your forehead. You can also pull the strands across your head to the other side. Finally apply a little amount of shine serum in your hands and spread it all over your hair to add more shine.
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