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Jamaican Braid


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Jamaican braids are one of the most different ways of styling the hair. It is important to learn the art of creating cornrows or small braids close to your scalp to achieve this style. This hairstyle is considered to be very difficult to create and it is mostly worn by the people located in Jamaica or Caribbean.
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To create a Jamaican braid, divide your hair from front to back of your head evenly. The part must run from one ear to another ear in a straight line. Take a small section of hair from one of the part above your right ear and draw it straight back to maintain a very thin section of hair. Comb your hair on the other side of the part and take it to the left side of your head. Collect a small section of hair near your front hairline and then part it into three sections just like creating a standard braid. Keep the hair in between your middle and index finger to move the strands over middle piece from left to right. Continue the braiding process by taking a very small piece of hair underneath while bringing each section over the center. Keep on adding more hair every time while twisting the hair from the sectioned off area. Secure the braid using small elastic to keep it in place. Do the same with in the front of your head and more there must braids covered in cornrows fall over the head.
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