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Chinese Bangs


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Chinese bangs are the most popular hairstyle among most of the women and it is also known as blunt bangs which usually fall above your eyes. This hairstyle will be formed straight to frame the face and it can look on any facial shapes. Cutting your hair in this manner can be tricky and you need lot of practice before achieving it perfectly.
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Begin your styling process after washing the hair and make sure to rinse the hair thoroughly to get rid of the shampoo. Then spread a dime-size amount of lightweight conditioner. Brush the hair gently to remove the knots and make center part as per your preference. Take the front section of hair forward as much as possible as the bangs will start betweenone1 inch to one and half inches from the hairline. Twist the section of your hair in the front and keep it firmly in place. Start cutting the twisted section in a single cut with a sharp pair of hair shears. The haircut must be about 1/4 inch longer. Then brush the bangs forward to make it lie straight across the forward and make smaller cuts till the bangs reach the desired length. Use a flat iron on your bangs to make them straight and mist the hair with a lightweight hairspray to keep it in place. The Chinese bangs can be easily recognized as it will lie straight across top of the eyes or directly below the eyebrows.
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