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Methods To Camouflage Your Hair


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Having a grey hair can be very difficult for most of the women as it is part of aging. This issue can be solved with a camouflage which is very easy process and it can cover the grey hair perfectly. Here is a simple method that can be used to camouflage your hair.
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First mist the entire the roots of your hair with hair powder and brush the hair completely to spread it to from starting to end of the hair. This can temporary fix your hair fix until the use of next shampoo. You can also get help from a hairstylist to use lowlights to color the grey hair. Just like the highlights this one is used to lighten your hair and it can also deposit darker color onto strands. Lowlights can turn grey hair a hue which will complement and match perfectly with the original hair color. Try to cover the grey strands using a semi permanent hair color. You can also select a hair hue that is close to your natural hair color and touch up the roots at least once in 8 weeks. The final option is using a hair color marker to conceal the roots that are grey. Use the marker to the roots and comb the hair completely to distribute the product all over your hair. Wash the hair with a shampoo to get rid of the temporary color from hair only if it is necessary.
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