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Straight Hair Weave


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Straightening a hair weave needs a great skill and it is usually done by a professional hairstylist. This hairstyle is a perfect choice to achieve a casual to sophisticated look. Creating a straight hair weave can be very difficult process for most of them who are doing it for the first time.
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To create a straight hair weave, first make sure that weave is human hair. Synthetic hair is not a perfect choice to create the weave as it can melt if you apply heat. Now brush the curls or texturing of the hair piece as they are usually brushed while dry. Combing the hair before washing it with a shampoo will make the curls to loosen which will re-curl while under water. Try to wash the hair with a shampoo and condition it. Use a little amount of hair gel after washing the hair and make sure to use a moderate amount from root to the ends. Comb the hair weave thoroughly to remove the weave of all pre-curls. Use hairdryer along with a comb extension at the end of the hair or you can also brush your hair while it dries. Dry your hair in two inch sections until it becomes completely dry. Use a holding hairspray over the parted sections and comb it with a bristle hair utensil. Now use a flat iron over your hair and apply a oil sheen throughout your hair to style it as per your style.
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