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Ways To Change Hair Texture


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Most of the people want to change their natural hair texture to create different hairstyles. But some them think it can damage their hair permanently. There are lots of hair products available in the market that can be used for changing the texture of your hair such as products that is used at home for temporary results and you can go for a salon to get a permanent change.
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First use a straightening iron on your hair to flatten the waves. Those who have coarse or thick waves can use a straightener along with hair relaxing product. Spread a little amount of hair gel all over the hair to create a chunky look. Try using a thickening hairspray on fine, flat hair which is mainly used by women who are planning to add volume to part of their hair such as bangs. Brush your hair completely to spread the hairspray through the hair using a wide tooth comb which can add body and volume to your hair. If you go to a saloon, the hairstylist will also do this part to make the hairstyle last several days. Create a bun after washing the hair and leave it to dry naturally. Once the hair becomes fully dry remove the bun to achieve loose, natural waves and volume. In case the hair is curly or wavy apply a professional perm all over the hair. Try to apply a pomade to prevent frizz and add shine to your hair.
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