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Hairstyle With Male Bangs


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Bangs are usually worn by women, but there are few bangs that can be worn by both men and women. Bangs are worn for different events which depend on the person who wears it. This hairstyle can add character and spice to your look.
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To create male bangs, use a shampoo to wash your hair and blow dry it in the way hat is still remains slightly damp. Avoid working with a soaked hair as it can create an illusion of longer-length bangs and then brush the front section of hair forward. Part your hair and take the bangs which start from one side of the head as well as end at the other. The bangs usually start where your part is perpendicular to end of the eyebrow. Now try to shear your hair and there are various cutting tools which can be used for doing this. Snip your hair using the dominant hand and use the other hand to hold your hair. Slide your hair between the index and middle finger as per your desire and try to carefully snip your hair and not to chop it. Now trim more hair at the starting point of the bangs to create a slanting effect and brush your hair up to hold it while pruning the ends. Start combing the bangs towards your forehead and trim for a precise look. Finally add a gel all over the hair to keep it in place.
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