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Hairstyle With Twisted Locks


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Wearing dreadlocks can give a very unique look and creating a twisted hair locks can make it more stylist as well as attractive.  There are different ways that can be followed to twist and lock your hair and there are few that can cause damage to the hair. You can use this technique to create a twisted hair locks very easily without affecting your hair.
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To get twisted locks, first divide the hair with a rat-tail comb and secure each part at the scalp using a rubber band. Then spread a small amount of hair gel over each section and start twisting one section with one end of the wide-tooth comb. Use your fingers to do this much easier and twist each section in the same way. Next divide the twisted part into half and twist it together from root to the tip using a comb to create knots to lock the hair. Now divide the same part into half again and separate the strands into different halves. Try to twist or roll two halves together, then continue to split and twisting the section from the root to the tip. Hold the dreadlock in place using a snag-free rubber band and take out the rubber band one by one depending on texture of the hair. Now use the same method on the other sections of your hair that was divided earlier. At last use a blow dryer on your hair to end the styling.
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